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Need to hire a screenwriter?

60% off sale!

8K for your script!

Price Update! If you are struggling due to Covid-19 I will happily lower my price. Keeping people working is important!

Your finished screenplay stays 100% yours!
I’m a 47-time award-winning screenwriter, producer, and director.

I’m a screenwriter and ghostwriter across all genres. I’ve sold 6 scripts. I have 4 produced movies. My book on how to write screenplays went to #1 on Amazon Kindle. I’m also a documentary producer and director. 

I can turn your idea into a screenplay that meets all of Hollywood’s standards. I do this by creating fascinating people that overcome incredible odds.

I specialize in book-to-screen adaptations, feature films, TV pilots, show proposals, webisodes, reality TV – you name it. If it’s on a screen, I write it.

Your finished screenplay stays 100% yours!

Let’s do great things!


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